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Heartbreaking Orbit-uary for Nine Lives lost fast

Sorry for the title, but it was the only way of getting all the achievements we did Friday.

Freya done fast
Freya done fast

We did some other achievements on Sunday, hopefully Superku will tell about it since he got the fancy loot.

XT-002 Deconstructor was really easy after the nerf Blizzard did to him like the other 10 man hardmodes. Then again, we haven’t tried Mimiron yet, but will next week.

Flame OFF!

After a day of trials and lots and lots of errors, we came back to Flame Leviathan with all 4 towers up. After not having much problems at all with 3 towers, we sort of thought this wouldn’t be much harder. But 50% more HP turned out to be quite a lot in what is basically a fight of attrition, and led to things like this. But after a few more tries, we finally did it.

Sometimes there is fire...and ice blocks falling from the sky...and lightning...and tiny flowers that follow you around and GET THEM OFF GET THEM OFF!!!1
Sometimes there is fire…and ice blocks falling from the sky…and lightning…and tiny flowers that follow you around and GET THEM OFF GET THEM OFF!!!1

They’re coming outta the walls. They’re coming outta the goddamn walls!

Ripley: “I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.”

So we did. Except for the “take off” part. We didn’t really do that. A couple of grapple happy few did though. They totally took off. Go them!

We mostly hunt at night. Mostly
We mostly hunt at night. Mostly.

The server was slightly better than usual for a Wednesday night. A small break while it was at it’s worst was all we really needed, which is a welcome diversion from the usual cancelled raids on wednesdays. This means we will get lots of time for hard modes the rest of this week.

Bonus picture:


Nice tabard m8 xD.

Get to da choppa! Flame Leviathan semi-hard.

This lockout we started with a semi-hard Flame Leviathan. We left two towers up and attacked with our army of war engines.

Flame on!
Flame on!

After some attempts and driver shuffling we got him down in a flawless kill with two towers still standing. My only objection is that the chopper side car is not designed for a Tauren!

The first night of the lockout resulted in six other kills, up to Auriaya, despite the difficult conditions with latency spikes.

If you wonder where Get to da choppa! is from the answer is here

Stormscale, the awesomest of servers.

Ulduar is here! Finally we can raid something new! Oh wait…Stormscale.

After addon updates, queues and other troubles, we were itching to get into Ulduar and kill some bosses. With minimal preparation and maximum glee, the raid zoned in. We got into the fancy vehicles and went through some tactics. Everything pretty much hunky dory.

The millions of tiny dwarfs succumbing beneath our spiky wheels causing merriment among the raid, we accidentaly happened upon a boss. Or “boss”. Flame Leviathan, easier than a Polish hooker on a strawberry picking break.



Onwards! We got into the chamber of Razorscale. After the obligatory “Wait…there’s a Dragon?”, we took a stab at killing him. We wiped. Then we tried again. The server wiped.

After 2 hours of twiddling our collective thumbs (read: playing Quakelive), we managed to get back in and killed the dragon on the first try. Hard stuffs.

Harpoons thrust in the sky! Blood and trønder!
Harpoons thrust in the sky! Blood and trønder!

We cleared the trash before Ignis, and long story short, the server crashed again. So we called it.

Fucking shitserver.