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Bite my shiny feathery ass!

So we haven’t updated for a little while, but we have been doing a bit of raiding whenever the shitserver allows it. We killed Professor Putricide last lockout. Should have done it the week before, but that’s another story. Anyways, on to more recent stuff.

This week a new wing opened up, The Crimson Hall, containing the bosses The Blood Prince Council and Blood-Queen Lana’thel. We started on the Council, where we possibly scored the worst kill in EU after a few wipes. After the Council we went up to the Blood-Queen, and that fight can be seen here:

PoV: Tommi the Pole. The music is his choice…

New year, new content.

This lockout we got a new wing open in Icecrown Citadel, Plagueworks. This wing contains Festergut, Rotface and Professor Putricide. Tried to do a raid on patch day, but that got fucked right up the butt by the utterly shit server that is Stormscale. Went again Thursday and killed the two first fairly easily.

Something funny haha shitserver.

Entering the Icecrown Citadel…slowly.

Yesterday patch 3.3 was applied and we could start raiding the final tier in Wrath of the Lich King aptly named Fall of the Lich King. Having been on Stormscale for almost 5 years now, we were slightly apprehensive to what the server would be like at prime time and, as it turned out, rightfully so. We anticipated some fairly easy first bosses on normal mode, so in order to maximize the loot whoring we will run 2 groups through these early normal mode kills and fill up the raid with alts. This worked very well.

Zoning in around prime time we first met Lord Marrowgar. The lag hit pretty hard here, and killing Bone Spikes became quite hard. Luckily this boss is so ridiculously simple that even with lag ridden, horrible dps he died without inflicting much harm except to a few Poles, but no one likes them anyway.

Next in line was Lady Deathwhisper, and this is where the lag really became a problem. After a wipe we got a try with slightly less lag, and she died too. The Gunship Battle was a stupid and easy gimmick fight, except for being on a motherfucking boat, which was awesome. That only left us with good, old Deathbringer Saurfang. To much cries of “Dude! We loved you at the Wrath Gates!” we pulled. After an insanely long RP speech (they better make it possible to skip this!) he quickly died without much fuzz, and was dragged away.

This concludes the normal portion of The Lower Spire in Icecrown Citadel.

The few who could be persuaded to stand still for 5 seconds.
The few who could be persuaded to stand still for 5 seconds.

Capt. Hammer malfunctions. Slayers rejoice.

So Thorim decided that hard mode is too hard, and stopped casting some of his lightning. We got this meaningless achievement out of it. Hopefully the real deal will be back soon, so we can get it the proper way. Also hoping that the server will shape up and we won’t lose 2 hours of raidtime every night.

It's curtains for you Thorim. Lacy, gently wafting curtains.
It’s curtains for you Thorim. Lacy, gently wafting curtains.

Onwards to Freya with more stuff!

Stormscale, the awesomest of servers.

Ulduar is here! Finally we can raid something new! Oh wait…Stormscale.

After addon updates, queues and other troubles, we were itching to get into Ulduar and kill some bosses. With minimal preparation and maximum glee, the raid zoned in. We got into the fancy vehicles and went through some tactics. Everything pretty much hunky dory.

The millions of tiny dwarfs succumbing beneath our spiky wheels causing merriment among the raid, we accidentaly happened upon a boss. Or “boss”. Flame Leviathan, easier than a Polish hooker on a strawberry picking break.



Onwards! We got into the chamber of Razorscale. After the obligatory “Wait…there’s a Dragon?”, we took a stab at killing him. We wiped. Then we tried again. The server wiped.

After 2 hours of twiddling our collective thumbs (read: playing Quakelive), we managed to get back in and killed the dragon on the first try. Hard stuffs.

Harpoons thrust in the sky! Blood and trønder!
Harpoons thrust in the sky! Blood and trønder!

We cleared the trash before Ignis, and long story short, the server crashed again. So we called it.

Fucking shitserver.