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In This Lockout in the Shadowlands

On Wednesday, nam raided Castle Nathria on normal difficulty. There was so much interest that there were two raiding teams that went in. A total of five bosses were downed: Shriekwing, Huntsman Altimor, Hungering Destroyer, Artificer Xy’mox, and Sun King’s Salvation.

However, there are no screenshots of it all. When yours truly raided he was, as always, too busy ogling the loot table to do that. So, as a substitute for a screenshot of the guild doing the raid, here’s a picture of a conga line with arboreal gulpers in Oribos.

Everybody join the conga line!

Archimonde dead!

Sunday two weeks ago we finally did Archimonde on normal after coasting a lot so far and doing heroic bosses. After the obligatory wipes we got the kill so we could start upgrading our rings.


Only Doug stacked as he was the only one knowing there would be a picture taken.

Here is the loot:



Warchief forced to quit

nam helped bring Garrosh Hellscream last night, aiding Thrall to remove him as Warchief for the Horde.

hellscream deaded

The shining star of the raid was Shaunyo taking his seat of honour in the front.

To reward Razoria a troll was selected as new Warchief.

Helping the Siege of Orgrimmar

nam has started raiding the new instance Siege of Orgrimmar that came in patch 5.4. In the first lockout we cleared up to Spoils of Pandaria where we found that Crueldrool did not get enough practise at X-mas opening up gifts.


Team assemble!

How the game made us look

When approaching the Siegecrafter Blackfuse boss there is a (skippable!) cinematic where the raid is seen running to the boss. The game showed us how we should pose, but we did not quite pull it off.

Team idle!

How we actually looked