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Knock, knock. Who’s there? Summer. Summer wh…oh.

Summer is here close (depending a bit on how far north you live), and it’s starting to show on the sign-ups. We had plans on practicing the hard mode on Freya, or Fr√łya as we Norwegians call her, but settled for the semi hard mode and a day off instead.  We had tried this a bit really early on, but sort of hit a brick wall, so imagine our surprise when we came back and did it in 3 tries. Good times. To balance things out we played horribly for the rest of the night.

Freya semi hard...yeah, I know that sounds kinky.
Freya semi hard…yeah, I know that sounds kinky.

Heartbreaking Orbit-uary for Nine Lives lost fast

Sorry for the title, but it was the only way of getting all the achievements we did Friday.

Freya done fast
Freya done fast

We did some other achievements on Sunday, hopefully Superku will tell about it since he got the fancy loot.

XT-002 Deconstructor was really easy after the nerf Blizzard did to him like the other 10 man hardmodes. Then again, we haven’t tried Mimiron yet, but will next week.

Stormscale proves awesomest yet again

Start of the new lockout and we manage to take down the first four bosses, but with the exception of Flame Leviathan all other bosses laggs like crazy. Kinda like the Cat Lady. Very varied latency make us stop the 25 man raid at Council. Instead we formed a 10 man raid for some achievements.


Notable ones were killing Freya with two Elders up and Hodir within the three minute limit for the rare cache. The “special” loot from Hodir was Shiver.

Some more achievements

Last night we managed one more achievement, killing Freya with one Elder up. On Sunday we got a minor one on Hodir, as our members do not know how to move and prevent the stacks.

Knocking on Freya's door.
Knocking on Freya’s door.

We also had a few attempts at Thorim, but we will not kill him in hardmode before people learn how to move. Wait, that sounds familiar.. So we only got the half way there achievement

Close, but no cigar.
Close, but no cigar.

Healing the tank in the tunnel should also boost our chances.

Superku does much better screens than me, nag on him to take more!