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Stormscale, the awesomest of servers.

Ulduar is here! Finally we can raid something new! Oh wait…Stormscale.

After addon updates, queues and other troubles, we were itching to get into Ulduar and kill some bosses. With minimal preparation and maximum glee, the raid zoned in. We got into the fancy vehicles and went through some tactics. Everything pretty much hunky dory.

The millions of tiny dwarfs succumbing beneath our spiky wheels causing merriment among the raid, we accidentaly happened upon a boss. Or “boss”. Flame Leviathan, easier than a Polish hooker on a strawberry picking break.



Onwards! We got into the chamber of Razorscale. After the obligatory “Wait…there’s a Dragon?”, we took a stab at killing him. We wiped. Then we tried again. The server wiped.

After 2 hours of twiddling our collective thumbs (read: playing Quakelive), we managed to get back in and killed the dragon on the first try. Hard stuffs.

Harpoons thrust in the sky! Blood and trønder!
Harpoons thrust in the sky! Blood and trønder!

We cleared the trash before Ignis, and long story short, the server crashed again. So we called it.

Fucking shitserver.