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Bring on the Lich King!

A lack of members recently had led to some weeks of poor raiding. Before this lockout we received a lot of new members from Morior Invictus which gave us an ideal setup of players. After finally being able to field a full raid nam managed to complete the remaining hardmode wingbosses, Sindragosa and the Professor Putricide, this lockout. Now all that remains is The Lick King, the hard version!

First Shadowmourne

Congratulations to Sunblazer who after several lockouts in Icecrown Citadel completed the quest to get Shadowmourne on Sunday.

Sunblazer with Shadowmourne
Sunblazer with Shadowmourne

Later in the evening we went and killed Yogg-Saron. Since there was no keepers to help us Mimiron’s head dropped. Doug was the lucky roller and despite several lucrative offers did not want to give or sell head.

Those magnificent Tauren in their flying machines

Fall of the Lich King.

Worst kill EU has sort of been the mantra for us during progress in Icecrown Citadel, and by no means was the last fight in normal mode any different. The Lich King, the last hurdle before hard modes, was slightly annoying. After lots of tries with little progress, and the Olympics on TV, we were ready to call it quits. But a slight change in tactic suddenly meant some progress and finally, in what has to be the worlds sloppiest kill, it was RP tiem!

The HWL got a new sword and Bowjo got a polearm.

Possible the first time since Nefarian we have all posed for a screenshot.
Possible the first time since Nefarian we have all posed for a screenshot.

In other news, we are recruiting a whole lot of classes! Head on over to the forum if you would like to hang out with us.

Here be dragons.

The server made it fairly hard to raid this lockout. We killed one of the new bosses fairly early on Thursday, but because of various issues we didn’t get to try Sindragosa before Tuesday, last day of the lockout. It started out ok, got some tries on her and had some small progress, but then she decided to bug out. After having to soft reset the instance, she worked again, and we killed her quite late in the evening. Another Worst Kill Eu for us there, but down is down so whatevs.

Someone had hidden Cardiz’ mount under the dragon corpse.

Unfortunately it was pretty late, and even though we had plenty of tries left there was no time to try The Lich King himself. Hoping for a better server this week, fingers feathers crossed!

New year, new content.

This lockout we got a new wing open in Icecrown Citadel, Plagueworks. This wing contains Festergut, Rotface and Professor Putricide. Tried to do a raid on patch day, but that got fucked right up the butt by the utterly shit server that is Stormscale. Went again Thursday and killed the two first fairly easily.

Something funny haha shitserver.