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Don’t make a sound!

Would be a lot easier if raidmembers weren’t so noisy and knew that fire was bad. Especially on the tank spot… We got the kill though tonight after a few tries, much quicker than we anticipated. Good work avoiding the fire in the end anonymous troll shadow priest.

Just lacking Magmaw and Omnitron Defense System now before we start the struggle on Nefarian.

Sunblazer was alone standing at Nefarian, heh!

Cardiz got a heroic bell.

Ds some heroic shoes.

Have you ever tried building something to scale? Despite your best efforts it turns out wrong somehow. Something Doug found out when visiting Molten Core with a mace.

Mace envy

First Shadowmourne …for an alt

Maryanne has been plucking away in Icecrown Citadel defeating The Lich King and other encounters with some of her guildmates, friends, regulars and randoms. All the raiding amounted up to a certain quest involving a shiny weapon.

Shadowmourne makes for a good tanking weapon

Just to add, don’t be worried about Maryanne’s soul. It is Shadowmourne and not Frostmourne she obtained. However I am sure it was tempting to wield it.

First Shadowmourne

Congratulations to Sunblazer who after several lockouts in Icecrown Citadel completed the quest to get Shadowmourne on Sunday.

Sunblazer with Shadowmourne
Sunblazer with Shadowmourne

Later in the evening we went and killed Yogg-Saron. Since there was no keepers to help us Mimiron’s head dropped. Doug was the lucky roller and despite several lucrative offers did not want to give or sell head.

Those magnificent Tauren in their flying machines

Smells like…victory.

So, the page is finally back up and we have done a few more things. We did the Assembly of Iron aka Iron Council hardmode, and last lockout also completed the hardmode on General Vezax aptly named I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning. We didn’t have helicopters, but there were definitely some flying involved. However there were no fat guy in a cave at the end.

General Vezax aka Charlie
General Vezax aka Charlie

This lockout we also had a lucky paladin getting the legendary Val’anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings. Grats to Lurppa for getting more bubbles.

Legen...wait for it...dary!
Legen…wait for it…dary!