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First Shadowmourne

Congratulations to Sunblazer who after several lockouts in Icecrown Citadel completed the quest to get Shadowmourne on Sunday.

Sunblazer with Shadowmourne
Sunblazer with Shadowmourne

Later in the evening we went and killed Yogg-Saron. Since there was no keepers to help us Mimiron’s head dropped. Doug was the lucky roller and despite several lucrative offers did not want to give or sell head.

Those magnificent Tauren in their flying machines

Illuminating the darkness.

A slightly horrible raidweek came to an end with a new achievement. We defeated Yogg-Saron with only three keepers. The one that did not get to join was Mr. Roboto himself, Mimiron. After three fairly decent tries we got him down on the fourth, which is something we are pleased with.

Hey, look at this! The chest no one wants dropped!" Awesome!
“Hey, look at this! The chest no one wants dropped!” Awesome!

Old god down.

On the last day of the first lockout in Ulduar we finally killed the old god Yogg-Saron.

Me and the old god.
/flex for Freya


A very fun, and challenging fight. The hard mode is going to be insane! This kill concludes our journey into Ulduar on “easy mode” and now the real fun begins.

Oh, and we killed Ignis the Furnace Master on Monday. Boy did he get nerfed hard.