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Get to da choppa! Flame Leviathan semi-hard.

This lockout we started with a semi-hard Flame Leviathan. We left two towers up and attacked with our army of war engines.

Flame on!
Flame on!

After some attempts and driver shuffling we got him down in a flawless kill with two towers still standing. My only objection is that the chopper side car is not designed for a Tauren!

The first night of the lockout resulted in six other kills, up to Auriaya, despite the difficult conditions with latency spikes.

If you wonder where Get to da choppa! is from the answer is here

Got instance servers?

When you hear Blizzard is doing another round of adjustments to make the raid bosses easier in Ulduar, you can’t avoid thinking of the amounts of people streaming into the instance to raid. That is bad news for existing raiders who already experience very poor performance during evenings on Stormscale. Where are the plans to improve the situation so there actually is capacity for all the raiders?

Old god down.

On the last day of the first lockout in Ulduar we finally killed the old god Yogg-Saron.

Me and the old god.
/flex for Freya


A very fun, and challenging fight. The hard mode is going to be insane! This kill concludes our journey into Ulduar on “easy mode” and now the real fun begins.

Oh, and we killed Ignis the Furnace Master on Monday. Boy did he get nerfed hard.

Weekend wonders in the World of Warcraft.

It’s been a long time since we’ve raided as much as we do now, and this weekend we got a few more bosskills in Ulduar. 5 to be exact. More specifically the bosses were:

And some of the spoils:


Mimiron and the General have some of the most annoying trash we’ve seen in a while. Certainly on par with Tempest Keep / AQ40 trash. The good thing about the Mimiron trash is that once you’re past it, you can teleport past it even if it respawns. Vezax really needs a teleport in his room!

In other news we killed Yogg-Saron on 10 man. Woot!