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Man the harpoons!

After a night raiding two instances, killing Chimaeron and Cho’gall, we took a nice relaxing break to the waters of Vashj’ir.

However it turned out Doug had a sinister plan for the spot as he immediately turned his attention to the Whale Shark swimming around. Many insisted that we’re gonna need a bigger boat, but channeling his inner Ahab he went ahead and aided by Ds, Runningfree, Lurppis, Hvid, Morgain, Sunblazer and Marijana the shark was kited to death to complete From Hell’s Heart I Stab at Thee.

Disappointing to find out he didn’t have any loot. Guess we should have read the achievement more closely..

I Like Turtles

Drops from the two bosses we killed:

Heart of Rage & Brackish Gloves

Twilight’s Hammer & Membrane of C’Thun

First LK HC “pug”

After struggling to get members for progression raid Insert Coin and nam joined forces to take on The Lich King. After one lockout and 30 attempts he finally went down. Ready for Patch 4.0.1!

A tribute to Insanity.

After many weeks of poor play and lack of certain players we finally had a good raid again. A horrible start on Beasts and Lord Jaraxxus had us doubting how well it was going to go, but at the end of the day we killed Anub’Arak with 50 trys left for the achievement A Tribute to Insanity. Good job to everyone!

Carried by Mirror Images.
Carried by Mirror Images.

Grats to Silverheart who got Aethas’ Intensity.

Raid Funkadelic.

Even though it’s not September, we decided to try out the achievement Earth, Wind & Fire in 10 man. Expecting a somewhat funky fight, it was not very hard even with an alt tank and some offspec healers. After some papertank deaths, we got the achievement and could celebrate and dance into a boogie wonderland.

Funky stairs
It was a party like no other. Someone brought ninjas.