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Archimonde dead!

Sunday two weeks ago we finally did Archimonde on normal after coasting a lot so far and doing heroic bosses. After the obligatory wipes we got the kill so we could start upgrading our rings.


Only Doug stacked as he was the only one knowing there would be a picture taken.


Here is the loot:



Chieu helps bring down Sha of Fear

Despite the accusation from our old friend Lurppa of our warlock holding us back, he helped bring down Sha of Fear Sunday.

Lurppa in a raid (!)

Lurppa in a raid (!)

Now he is a druid so not the first time they have been wrong.

Terrace of Endless Spring complete

Terrace of Endless Spring complete

After an evening of wipes we were no longer afraid and finally took down the boss.

Happy Birthday unnamed one

For some it takes a year, for others it is just your ordinary Friday night at the disco, but today one of our ladies completed one trip around the Sun. Happy birthday!

Schnaps gets his legendaries

It takes some time getting legendary daggers in 10 man. Firelord Schnaps got his on Sunday after picking up …some stuff after each boss was slain week after week. Golad, Twilight of Aspects & Tiriosh, Nightmare of Ages are finally in his possession.

Legendaries gives you wings.

We also got Heroic Spine down same night. Jaelin half drunk from Mother’s Day, respect, got Heart of Unliving, Rottk├Ąppchen walked off with Gloves of Liquid Smoke.

Har’koa is going to be pissed

First Legen….wait for it….dary to Razoria

Following the kill of Ragnaros today Razoria completed the quest and obtained Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest.

Honoring a troll….

That troll had been running around with dragon essence without telling us.

Air traffic was murder that night


Only time the High Warlord dies, and of course Doug takes a screenshot