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A tribute to Insanity.

After many weeks of poor play and lack of certain players we finally had a good raid again. A horrible start on Beasts and Lord Jaraxxus had us doubting how well it was going to go, but at the end of the day we killed Anub’Arak with 50 trys left for the achievement A Tribute to Insanity. Good job to everyone!

Carried by Mirror Images.
Carried by Mirror Images.

Grats to Silverheart who got Aethas’ Intensity.

A tribute to mad skill.

After a mishap on an earlier boss, we started this lockout’s Anub’arak tries with 49 attempts left. After two false starts, we got him down well within the achievement “A tribute to mad skill“.

Mad skills to pay mad bills.
Mad skills to pay mad bills.

Cudgel of the Damned
Lurid Manifestation
Cuirass of Flowing Elements
Breeches of the Deepening Void

In other news, after Blizzard opened up for race changes, many in the guild have been difficult to recognize. There seems to have been an influx of trolls and orcs lately, and some eye watering results as is the abomination that are those two races.  Like this:

Looks like it has already been killed with fire.
Looks like it has already been killed with fire.

Call of the Grand Crusade

Proper crusaders now, but no special chests. With 12 attempts left we managed to kill Anub’arak on heroic mode.

We got Protector and Vanquisher regalia that went to Faisst and Cardiz.

Somebody had a camera so we all lined up
Somebody had a camera so we all lined up

Bindings of the Ashen Saint
Armbands of Dark Determination
Gauntlets of Bitter Reprisal

Our gnome attempt did not work that well… maybe we had too few?

Our gnome strategy did not work
Our gnome strategy failed when we ran out of wands