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Chim chim-in-ey, chim chim-in-ey Chim chim Chimaeron

The beast is slain! Twisted and turned by Nefarian, the three headed beast was in the end no match for the heroes. To be fair, we were massacred from here to eternity and went through a whole stack of fish. It was not until Saku came up with a strategy from Starcraft to turtle up to counter the Hydra build. Thanks to Bowjo and his well trained, exotic array of pets that obeyed each of his and Sunblazer’s commands.

Schnapknight noticed the camera guy. Those on the right however..

Marijana got Einhorn’s Galoshes

Ds got Chimaron Armguards

Heroic kill on Halfus Wyrmbreaker

After many attempts Thursday we managed to kill Halfus Wyrmbreaker Sunday after a change in strategy. Not to give anything away, but the new strategy involved the tanks not dying.

Rest of the instance was cleared on normal. Cho’gall dropped shoulders for Schnapknight.

No kill shot so a random picture of Bowjo stuck in limbo outside the entrance

Halfus Drops:

Cardiz got Book of Binding Will.

Bowjo got Essence of the Cyclone.

Nefarian ubijen opet

nam ubio Nefarian u ponedjeljak na pokušaj većina napad bili spremni za otpis. Nekako smo uspjeli preživjeti kroz bolno niske razine Mana na iscjelitelji. Nema sumnje, bez herojski skokovi u Saku i Lurppa izvrsnim regeneraciju, Nefarian i njegova sestra Onyxia bi još uvijek biti živ danas. Čestit spomenuti da Sunblazer koji kao glavni tenk uspio zadržati do 3000 HPS.

Obavijest moćni Tauren u sredini, s druge rase nije stvarno vrijedno spomena drugdje na slici. Oh, i Nefarian mrtav iza. Ili je on ..

Evo što je pao:

Helm of the Forlorn Protector – DS

Shadow of Dread – Doug

Reclaimed Ashkandi, Greatsword of the Brotherhood – Schnapknight

Za one koji ne razumiju:

nam killed Nefarian on Monday on an attempt most of the raid were prepared to write off. Somehow we managed to survive through the painfully low mana levels on the healers. No doubt, without the heroic leaps of Saku and Lurppa’s superb regeneration, Nefarian and his sister Onyxia would still be alive today. Honorable mention to Sunblazer who as the main tank managed to keep up 3000 HPS.

Man the harpoons!

After a night raiding two instances, killing Chimaeron and Cho’gall, we took a nice relaxing break to the waters of Vashj’ir.

However it turned out Doug had a sinister plan for the spot as he immediately turned his attention to the Whale Shark swimming around. Many insisted that we’re gonna need a bigger boat, but channeling his inner Ahab he went ahead and aided by Ds, Runningfree, Lurppis, Hvid, Morgain, Sunblazer and Marijana the shark was kited to death to complete From Hell’s Heart I Stab at Thee.

Disappointing to find out he didn’t have any loot. Guess we should have read the achievement more closely..

I Like Turtles

Drops from the two bosses we killed:

Heart of Rage & Brackish Gloves

Twilight’s Hammer & Membrane of C’Thun