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Merry Xmas to all from Thrall, Aggra and nam

Doug's dream of a full tauren raid finally came true


In a galaxy f..illed up to the brim

Plenty of people who played for nam at the launch of World of Warcraft several years ago have started to play Star Wars: The Old Republic. You will find us on the server Bloodworthy which is likely to have a Scandinavian influence with several large guilds starting there.

First Legen….wait for it….dary to Razoria

Following the kill of Ragnaros today Razoria completed the quest and obtained Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest.

Honoring a troll....

That troll had been running around with dragon essence without telling us.

Air traffic was murder that night

Only time the High Warlord dies, and of course Doug takes a screenshot

Ranged dps wanted

Due to some extra work for one of our members we have a position open for a ranged dps: hunter, mage or warlock. Raid days are Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. We run a low number of members to fit the 10 man raid format. Mature raiders preferred.

Healers needed

nam is recruiting a healer or two. Prefer holy paladin or restoration druid due to class mix. We want mature people who wants to raid dedicated 2-3 days a week.

We can also take one more caster dps, warlock preferred.