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Heroic Magmaaaaawwww

Tide goes in, tide goes out, you can’t explain that. Just like that the Océanè was back and heroic Magmaw dropped on first attempt Thursday, and we had no explanation for that either. Except for Doug not having to heal.. pure coincidence. Cardiz, the High Warlord, made a guest appearance too.

Ds asked me to point out where he was on the picture

Cardiz relunctantly got Flame Pillar Leggings

Schnapknight did not get Akirus the Worm-Breaker because he was watching City exit the European League.

Saku got heroic tier gloves.

Don’t make a sound!

Would be a lot easier if raidmembers weren’t so noisy and knew that fire was bad. Especially on the tank spot… We got the kill though tonight after a few tries, much quicker than we anticipated. Good work avoiding the fire in the end anonymous troll shadow priest.

Just lacking Magmaw and Omnitron Defense System now before we start the struggle on Nefarian.

Sunblazer was alone standing at Nefarian, heh!

Cardiz got a heroic bell.

Ds some heroic shoes.


Have you ever tried building something to scale? Despite your best efforts it turns out wrong somehow. Something Doug found out when visiting Molten Core with a mace.

Mace envy

Scientific breakthrough

Another achievement made in the name of science tonight as we finally got some bad attempts out of the way before getting the kill. So in the same week as Melo went to Knicks, Malo went on the list of conquered heroic bosses.

For Science!

Saku got tier legs.

Zenon got a new belt.

Ds got a new cloak.

Chim chim-in-ey, chim chim-in-ey Chim chim Chimaeron

The beast is slain! Twisted and turned by Nefarian, the three headed beast was in the end no match for the heroes. To be fair, we were massacred from here to eternity and went through a whole stack of fish. It was not until Saku came up with a strategy from Starcraft to turtle up to counter the Hydra build. Thanks to Bowjo and his well trained, exotic array of pets that obeyed each of his and Sunblazer’s commands.


Schnapknight noticed the camera guy. Those on the right however..

Marijana got Einhorn’s Galoshes

Ds got Chimaron Armguards

Heroic kill on Halfus Wyrmbreaker

After many attempts Thursday we managed to kill Halfus Wyrmbreaker Sunday after a change in strategy. Not to give anything away, but the new strategy involved the tanks not dying.

Rest of the instance was cleared on normal. Cho’gall dropped shoulders for Schnapknight.

No kill shot so a random picture of Bowjo stuck in limbo outside the entrance

Halfus Drops:

Cardiz got Book of Binding Will.

Bowjo got Essence of the Cyclone.