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Meanwhile on Bloodthirsty

nam has been doing both 16 and 8 men operations the last few weeks, but mostly 8 man due to turnout. We killed SOA 16 man before the mindtrap fix which had some nice results at times. Also finding that killing him he didn’t drop Rakata gear due to a loot bu…feature with master loot.

Tanks usually end up dead after the third pylon
Action picture from the packs leading up to the hutt

Eternity Vault Hardmode

Saturday, mostly on a whim, Jee wanted to go hardmode EV to see how it differed from normal. Lacking enough level 50 player for a 8 man raid we got our regular stand-in Procch and someone from the general chat. Yes, you read the last part right.

Jee was the last man standing when the boss went down.

The dreadful turret start got easier once we learned the turret could be cc’d. On the first boss we ran into the enrage timer a few times until at 2% the Operation seemed to fail once again, but Jee managed to bring him down very shortly after.

We went on to the second boss, and performed better cause here we had not one, but two people left at enrage. See, improvement!

Purple beam!

The puzzle boss was pretty easy for a hardmode fight. The challenge was waiting for the other side to finish 😉 The remaining encounter was done on the second attempt once the positioning was corrected.

After the operation was complete we started on the project pink lightsaber, but got distracted by a datacron

Overlooking the conspiracy DS and Borcster are plotting towards Anzio

Eternity Vault cleared and some Hutt got his evening ruined

I don’t know what monster it was, but it was big, mean and pissed off.

As soon as our second healer reached 50, nam journed into Eternity Vault. After some initial struggles with the first sentry pull (the hardest pull in the instance) the rest was for the most part straight forward. We brought a random dps in for all the aim loot as our own powertech was away on other business. Probably underground trading so hush hush. On the screenshot you will see some old nam members like Je, Agrajag, Agrophel, Borcster and Shamyda.