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Eternity Vault Hardmode

Saturday, mostly on a whim, Jee wanted to go hardmode EV to see how it differed from normal. Lacking enough level 50 player for a 8 man raid we got our regular stand-in Procch and someone from the general chat. Yes, you read the last part right.

Jee was the last man standing when the boss went down.

The dreadful turret start got easier once we learned the turret could be cc’d. On the first boss we ran into the enrage timer a few times until at 2% the Operation seemed to fail once again, but Jee managed to bring him down very shortly after.

We went on to the second boss, and performed better cause here we had not one, but two people left at enrage. See, improvement!

Purple beam!

The puzzle boss was pretty easy for a hardmode fight. The challenge was waiting for the other side to finish 😉 The remaining encounter was done on the second attempt once the positioning was corrected.


After the operation was complete we started on the project pink lightsaber, but got distracted by a datacron

Overlooking the conspiracy DS and Borcster are plotting towards Anzio

Save the cheerleader, save the world

Remember this guy?

This dragon made some nasty threats

We started the raid lockout on 4.3 on Thursday and cleared up to and including the new boat encounter. Sunday we were able to ride the back despite Deathwing’s best attempt to barrel roll. On the last Deathwing encounter we ran into trouble with the Cataclysm with the setup we had. Thanks to the cute Tauren Alysanne for helping us out on Sunday.

Due to computer trouble we were one tank down and had to redo the raid compostion drafting in the M.I.A. druid Runningfree. Some nice dual healing by Jaelin and Fisteh made for a shorter fight with our priest Marijana reaching for her shadow powers.

After a couple of warm ups we entered second phase , but were one dps down and had to start over. Some more attemps and Deathwing was finally down. Azeroth is safe again until next expansion when the Pandas mess things up!

Thrall comes in after all our work and takes the glory.

Sunblazer got Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps

Schnaps got Blade of the Unmaker

Doug missed the final video and had to stand idly by Thrall until he was asked to leave.

Fight fire with ….everything

On Thursday nam managed to kill Ragnaros despite Schnaps missing! Or maybe…. no nevermind. Having mastered the art of assigning and counting it was pretty easy. Never knew you could bounce meteors either, neat!

Maybe if a shaman didn’t make all news posts other classes would be present. Then again, shamans are awesome!

Doug was cheated out of Variable Pulse Lightning Capacitor, damn trolls!

Runningfree got Helm of the Fiery Vanquisher.

Ds got Choker of the Vanquished Lord.

Can’t talk now, have to save the world!

In other news:

Marrianne and Malacai dinged 85 right into itemlevel 353…

– Depp cleared Zul Aman

– Jiroh killed a Occu’thar in Baradin Hold


A Song of Ice and Fire it was not, but Firelands was released in the latest patch and nam ventured in at the Sulfuron Spire.

Fire elemental rocks

On Thursday we killed 2 bosses, on Sunday we rested, on Monday 2 and Tuesday 2. Some of you will have made that into 6 of 7 bosses downed.

Nice birdey

We also got some tries in on Ragnaros, and ended up at second phase before we found our way back home.

Boy were we purged

Some nice new mechanics and overall not too difficult.