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Warlords of Draenor

Release of the expansion is tonight! If you by some small miracle still check the web page, are an old member and plan to testing the expansion give one of the officers a whisper. Doug, Razoria, Beechee, Marijana or Sunblazer.



The expansion features the new spec for shaman: shadow



Ranged dps wanted

Due to some extra work for one of our members we have a position open for a ranged dps: hunter, mage or warlock. Raid days are Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. We run a low number of members to fit the 10 man raid format. Mature raiders preferred.

New members

Welcome Jaelin and Fisteh to the guild. They joined us this lockout and helped get most of bosses down in Heroic Mode. With this we are not likely to recruit further healers. Marijana might still want a warlock since they can summon at a boss and not just at the entrance. Quite handy!

Thrall could use some help

With Bowjo available next week we should attempt Beth’tilac and Ragnaros.

A preview of things to come

Healers needed

nam is recruiting a healer or two. Prefer holy paladin or restoration druid due to class mix. We want mature people who wants to raid dedicated 2-3 days a week.

We can also take one more caster dps, warlock preferred.