New members

Welcome Jaelin and Fisteh to the guild. They joined us this lockout and helped get most of bosses down in Heroic Mode. With this we are not likely to recruit further healers. Marijana might still want a warlock since they can summon at a boss and not just at the entrance. Quite handy!

Thrall could use some help

With Bowjo available next week we should attempt Beth’tilac and Ragnaros.

A preview of things to come

3 Responses to “New members”

  1. Mag says:


    Now kill hc ragnaralf and be awesome again!
    Har vært litt skuffende å lese Wowprogress lista i det siste!

  2. Razoria says:

    Who cares about summons?!?!
    I need a lock for DI!!!!!

  3. ninor says:

    Where are the lightsabers!

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