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Fight fire with ….everything

On Thursday nam managed to kill Ragnaros despite Schnaps missing! Or maybe…. no nevermind. Having mastered the art of assigning and counting it was pretty easy. Never knew you could bounce meteors either, neat!

Maybe if a shaman didn’t make all news posts other classes would be present. Then again, shamans are awesome!

Doug was cheated out of Variable Pulse Lightning Capacitor, damn trolls!

Runningfree got Helm of the Fiery Vanquisher.

Ds got Choker of the Vanquished Lord.

Can’t talk now, have to save the world!

In other news:

Marrianne and Malacai dinged 85 right into itemlevel 353…

– Depp cleared Zul Aman

– Jiroh killed a Occu’thar in Baradin Hold


A Song of Ice and Fire it was not, but Firelands was released in the latest patch and nam ventured in at the Sulfuron Spire.

Fire elemental rocks

On Thursday we killed 2 bosses, on Sunday we rested, on Monday 2 and Tuesday 2. Some of you will have made that into 6 of 7 bosses downed.

Nice birdey

We also got some tries in on Ragnaros, and ended up at second phase before we found our way back home.

Boy were we purged

Some nice new mechanics and overall not too difficult.