Save the cheerleader, save the world

Remember this guy?

This dragon made some nasty threats

We started the raid lockout on 4.3 on Thursday and cleared up to and including the new boat encounter. Sunday we were able to ride the back despite Deathwing’s best attempt to barrel roll. On the last Deathwing encounter we ran into trouble with the Cataclysm with the setup we had. Thanks to the cute Tauren Alysanne for helping us out on Sunday.

Due to computer trouble we were one tank down and had to redo the raid compostion drafting in the M.I.A. druid Runningfree. Some nice dual healing by Jaelin and Fisteh made for a shorter fight with our priest Marijana reaching for her shadow powers.

After a couple of warm ups we entered second phase , but were one dps down and had to start over. Some more attemps and Deathwing was finally down. Azeroth is safe again until next expansion when the Pandas mess things up!

Thrall comes in after all our work and takes the glory.

Sunblazer got Gurthalak, Voice of the Deeps

Schnaps got Blade of the Unmaker

Doug missed the final video and had to stand idly by Thrall until he was asked to leave.