The Void beckons

“Let the infinite Void claim you. My gift offers countless delights.”

The few remaining guild members still active in retail have given into the whispers and are now aligned with N’Zoth. Rumour has it that they will serve as trash mobs in Ny’alotha for Method Complexity Limit to plow through on their way to yet another world first.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!
Santa cows!

For those wanting to play with nam in classic head to Firemaw. Equx, Agrajag, Zenon and legendary Je!

Retail on Stormscale as always. Say hi to Skribz.

BREAKING NEWS: Silverlilly seen dps’ing!

Normally the delicate healing flower in group 3, hiding between the women, Silverlilly has been seen DPS’ing with the Ashbringer. Yes that is not a typo, his damage is rated in seconds and not minutes.