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Helping the Siege of Orgrimmar

nam has started raiding the new instance Siege of Orgrimmar that came in patch 5.4. In the first lockout we cleared up to Spoils of Pandaria where we found that Crueldrool did not get enough practise at X-mas opening up gifts.


Team assemble!

How the game made us look

When approaching the Siegecrafter Blackfuse boss there is a (skippable!) cinematic where the raid is seen running to the boss. The game showed us how we should pose, but we did not quite pull it off.

Team idle!

How we actually looked


Cooking in Pandaria

Cooking with Chef Doug

Cooking in Pandaria


Chieu helps bring down Sha of Fear

Despite the accusation from our old friend Lurppa of our warlock holding us back, he helped bring down Sha of Fear Sunday.

Lurppa in a raid (!)

Lurppa in a raid (!)

Now he is a druid so not the first time they have been wrong.

Terrace of Endless Spring complete

Terrace of Endless Spring complete

After an evening of wipes we were no longer afraid and finally took down the boss.

Happy Birthday unnamed one

For some it takes a year, for others it is just your ordinary Friday night at the disco, but today one of our ladies completed one trip around the Sun. Happy birthday!

My new favourite NPC

A few in the guild has dinged 90. The others are levelling along enjoying the new places to see and things to do. When arriving to the cooking hub I was very please to meet the stockmaster. Myself I chose to master the pot.

Nam ftw

My new cooking hero.

As most expansions go there is usually a dragon lurking

Do no meddle in the affairs of dragons, because you are crispy and taste good with ketchup

Wait, there’s a dragon?