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Happy New Year!

May the new year bring you lots of loot and epics!

For the second week of Cataclysm raiding my true love gave to me

One bear cub in a Hyjal tree

Two epic armor rewards

Three raiding days

Four new slain bosses

Five man group achievements

Six hundred people on the Tol Barad bridge

Seven days of dailies

Eight new skills in jewelcrafting

Nine people to raid with

Ten Heroes of Gondor

Eleven tries on Ascendant Council while on the phone to a flight company

Twelve runs in Stonecore without a trinket for Saku

Mistaken friend
A sign it is getting too late

First two bosses down in Blackwing Descent

Cataclysm raiding for nam started Sunday in Baradin Hold where the boss only dropped cloth pvp items, so we are just going to ignore that for now. Moving on to Blackwing Descent everyone met with blue gear mixed with some epics and we got our first proper taste of Cataclysm raiding. Healers were wondering why the mana had gone . Our tanks were scared knowing Doug had to heal, but Sunblazer and Fauxer didn’t die …that much. No more than once per wipe anyway.

Second raid was on Tuesday and nam managed to get down the two first bosses in Blackwing Descent which made us into a Level 4 Guild!* When all periods of the Omnitron Defense System were sorted and DS stopped dying our first boss was down.  Once we had Magmaw securely hooked and Schnapknight stopped mistaking his plate armour as tank gear we killed him too. The dagger for Equx dropped and Runningfree politely declined healing leather as he is terrified of trees.

Doug the Hero of Gondor
Guess who missed the portal to Orgrimmar

Zenon picked up a a hoodie as Marijana thought it was too ghetto. Fauxer got a new weapon despite Lurppis claiming it a hunter weapon.

What is your coolest encounter so far in Cataclysm? For me this encounter ranks high:

Avast ye!

For a different kind of Descent go here.

* not really