Nefarian slain by Crueldrool. New boss of Blackwing Lair discovered.

Crueldrool could not keep away and started playing WoW in nam once again. Going back to Blackwing Lair he was easily able to defeat the dragon, but to his surprise he found a new boss taking the empty throne, the Red Tauren.

Game of Thrones. You either win or you moo.

Alternatively Crueldrool lost the musical chair game. You either win or you moo.

Schnaps gets his legendaries

It takes some time getting legendary daggers in 10 man. Firelord Schnaps got his on Sunday after picking up …some stuff after each boss was slain week after week. Golad, Twilight of Aspects & Tiriosh, Nightmare of Ages are finally in his possession.

Legendaries gives you wings.

We also got Heroic Spine down same night. Jaelin half drunk from Mother’s Day, respect, got Heart of Unliving, Rottk├Ąppchen walked off with Gloves of Liquid Smoke.

Har'koa is going to be pissed


I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK

To get regular raids in SW:TOR nam has merged with the Norwegian guild Axemen. Whisper Agrajag, Zenon or Jee to get invite for raiding

Meanwhile on Bloodthirsty

nam has been doing both 16 and 8 men operations the last few weeks, but mostly 8 man due to turnout. We killed SOA 16 man before the mindtrap fix which had some nice results at times. Also finding that killing him he didn’t drop Rakata gear due to a loot bu…feature with master loot.

Tanks usually end up dead after the third pylon

Action picture from the packs leading up to the hutt


Tonight in Dragon Soul

Tonight we went left and right instead of right and right and well…. someone got dizzy

The raid lingers on

A great sacrifie was needed to get this photo op

The raid has been bolstered with tauren presence!

Group hug

The tauren trio plot the strategy for the next encounter