Happy Birthday unnamed one

For some it takes a year, for others it is just your ordinary Friday night at the disco, but today one of our ladies completed one trip around the Sun. Happy birthday!

My new favourite NPC

A few in the guild has dinged 90. The others are levelling along enjoying the new places to see and things to do. When arriving to the cooking hub I was very please to meet the stockmaster. Myself I chose to master the pot.

Nam ftw

My new cooking hero.

As most expansions go there is usually a dragon lurking

Do no meddle in the affairs of dragons, because you are crispy and taste good with ketchup

Wait, there’s a dragon?


Mists of Pandaria launch a success!

Tonight after midnight MoP launched and it was a huge success, perhaps… I was online for a few seconds and it seemed OK, but it is too early to tell. More news as they appear!

the cake is a lie

I’m making a note here, huge success.

Mists of Pandaria warmup

Guild Wars 2 is being released next week, and the game opened today for those who pre-bought it. Some people associated with nam before are playing on the Far Shiverpeaks server if you are interested. nam won’t be playing there as a guild though, as there are no pandas in the game. See you in September!

Diablo III is out. Ewli…sorry Evil is back.

Diablo is back and plenty of nam members are playing it. As soon as I am able to login I will tell you some impressions from it.